Elevate The Bar

Will your consulting partner climb a mountain for you?

Is your consulting partner elevating the bar for you and delivering on their promises?

Has this happened to you? You engage with a salesperson that promises to deliver a solution to your problem, however, several months later the problem still exists and the salesperson is nowhere to be found?

Elevate the Bar!

We believe that elevating the bar in consulting is possible and it begins with the person that promised they could deliver a solution.

At RelMap Consulting we have one simple goal, to perform great work for our clients and receive referenceability across all customers. As a result, every employee's compensation is tied to your success and we're 100% referenceable. We're really that simple.

Elevate the bar is our promise that everyone is accountable for your success and it begins with the person that started the initial dialog with you.

Want to understand more about our passion on this topic, click here to read our article titled "Elevating the Bar on Customer Satisfaction Begins with Sales".

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Need help with a technology initiative?

We have such a passion for helping clients that we will even consider pro-bono work to help you turn an idea into a proof of concept. For a real estate appraisal business, we converted their Access application to a web application to estimate the true costs of creating an enterprise application specific to their business. We have a passion for helping people!